Embedded Single Board Computer


Embedded Single Board Computer
FES-M4 is designed with Cortex-M4 core and Multi-useful peripherals to benefit engineer
to develop quickly in an industrial product application. Especially in a HMI application.

The advantages of the FES-M4:
>> Ultra low power and designed for harsh industrial environment.
>> A completed library of MQX RTOS for peripherals control.
>> Available APIs for panel control.(refer to document FES-M4_APIs_Note)
>> Providing Max. Resolution up to 1366x768.
All of above advantages are low cost, low profile, and flexible usage
Product Features
 Kinetis MK60DN512VLQ10 @ 100MHz Cortex- M4.
 FlashROM 512KB/ SRAM 128KB
 Auto-upload user's App via SD card
Processor Kinetis MK60DN512VLQ10 @ 100MHz. Cortex- M4 is based on ARMv7 Architecture
FlashROM 512KB
Storage Memory SD card, EEprom(AT24C16)
App download Automatically upload from SD card or RS232
Display Flex-Bus be able to equip with the FG4335xy-mn board for various panel size from 3.5" ~ 7"
Touch 4-wired resistive type
SPI SPI1 and SPI2 port
LAN High performance RMII 10/100Mbps Ethernet controller
Communication RS232, CAN BUS
USB USB 2.0 device x 1 (FBM4-K60512D)
Feature Port1 A/D converter channel, DAC converter channel, PWM channel
Feature Port2 I2C port, GPIO
Power Supply single power DC 5V input
Operating Temperature -20°C to 80°C
FBM4-K60512 Reference Manual 下載
FBM4-K60512 Software Manual 下載

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