Breakout Board & Peripheral


Breakout Board & Peripheral
(Input): eDP (2Lane) signals with ZIF-30/ 40P connector.
(Output): LVDS (dual Port) with DF14-30S connector.
Product Features
 2-Lane DisplayPortTM receiver speed up to 1.62/2.7 Gbps per Lane
 Support LVDS (VESA format), resolution up to 1920 x 1080 via dual port
 Support LVDS Spread-Spectrum clock to reduce EMI
 Support AUX channel
 Support HPD
Dimensions ( L x W) 64mm x 39mm
Ordering Part number FR-e2Lx-yzW4
  • PWR-IN power rail is VCC3.3V, PNLVDD is VCC3.3V
  • PWR-IN power rail is VCC5V, PNLVDD is VCC5V
  • PWR-IN power rail is VCC5V, PNLVDD power rail is from BL_VCC
  • input connector (ZIF-30P)
  • input connector (ZIF-40P)
FR-e2L Quick Install Guide 下載

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