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Industrial Display Solution
FES877x is a low cost, high efficiency and smart of TFT-LCD display control module which can provide characters or 2D graphic application within a 16MB of display SDRAM. FES877x offers several serial interface (Uart-TTL/ RS232/ RS422/ LAN) options to establish a hardware communication with an external simple MCU (as like 8051 etc.), and providing the “Command Table Listing” for graphical effect calling and execution. According to the “Command Table Listing” of graphic function, the external MCU only need to transmit the corresponding command code with parameters into FES877x over serial interface. The command decoder inside of FES877x would go to implement the graphic task by automatically.

Operation & Application:
1. Self-service food ordering machine
2. Data collection node
3. Vending machine
4. Stretched panel application
Product Features
Supports TFT LCD Panel Size up to 1366x768/ 1920x360
Resistive/ Capacitive Touch Panel
Interface UART, Ethernet
16MB SDRAM of display memory
Available Command Table
Available Windows Utility: FG877D_Command_Enconder ( free)
Serial Interface
  • UART_115200/N/8/1. (FES877U)
  • IP address: (FES877E)
Memory 16MB FlashROM as image data storage
Storage Micro-SD as extra-image data storage
  • Resistive Touch Panel
  • Capacitive Touch Panel
External/ Internal I/O GPI x4, GPO x4. (w/ 5v tolerance)
The available catalog listing of Commands Table
  • System Control.(Touch,Brightness,Gpio,…)
  • Memory Rd/Wr.(FlashROM, D-buffer,….)
  • Graphic Cursor. (Standard, User’s definition ,..)
  • Character Font display.(Standard, User’s Font,..)
  • Geometry Drawing.(circle,triangle,square,line..)
  • Functions.(alike with photo-frame’s function,..)
Power supply DC 12V
Operation temperature -20°C to 70°C
Ordering number FES877mn-abcx
• m
  • "U"- Uart_TTL interface with BoxHeader 2x5p/2mm/side entry
  • "E"- LAN interface with RJ45/side entry
• n
  • "0"- No SPI_FlashROM
  • "1"- with 16MB of SPI_FlashROM mounted (standard type)
  • "2"- with 32MB of SPI_FlashROM mounted
• abc
  • "14E"- 10.4 inch resolution 1024x768 of TFT LCD panel
  • "21H"- 21.5 inch resolution 1920x1080 of TFT LCD panel
  • "84S"- 8.4 inch resolution 800x600 of TFT LCD panel
  • "S13"- 27.6 inch resolution 1920x360 of TFT LCD panel
• x
  • "T"- Resistive touch panel.
  • "C"- Capacitive touch panel
FES877 Flyer Download
FES877 Reference Manual Download

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