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Industrial Display Solution
Capacitive touch panel is made of all new materials and processes that make it more durable and reliable. The standard sizes range from 4.3” smaller size up to 21.5” larger size. The capacitance change when a finger or a conductive object touches the capacitive touch panel, and then the touch position is calculated and reported through capacitive touch panel controller. Characteristics: waterproof, anti-scratching, high transmittance, endure high temperature and harsh environment.
Product Features
4.3"~21.5" Size
Touch Controlller IC on FPC (USB/I2C)
Coverlen: 0.7mm~6mm thick
Mount on TFT by 3M adhesive tape
Size Standard: 5.7” ~21.5”
Cover Len clear/black Thickness 1.1/ 3/ 6mm
Interface USB / I2C(EETI)

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